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We have established our credentials as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Solar products. Our range comes in various categories, designs and strengths. The product range offered by us has come as a boon to clients who are mostly dependent on unreliable and prohibitively expensive electricity grid for daily requirements. Our range offers most dependable alternative and renewable energy supply to both residential and commercial sectors.

The main product categories offered by us are Solar Products, Solar Street Lights,Solar Water Heaters,Solar Home Lighting Systems and Solar Accessories.Under these primary categories we offer an exhaustive range of solar products some of which are LED Home Lighting System,Led Street Light System,Solar Water Heating System,Solar Home Light. Our range is eco-friendly as it operates on solar energy or sunlight. It is highly cost effective.

With our versatile product range we have literally brought light to the dim and hopeless power situation We employ most advanced latest technology and put it to best use to give our clients a very reliable energy system that not only is available 24/7 but also cuts down on electricity bills. Our success story has been scripted by our team of technocrats, researchers and other professionals who have invested their critically earned expertise in developing this alternative energy system that has thrown great challenge to the conventional and erratic system. The team takes every measure to raise the bar of our performances with regard to quality and product innovation and development.

A conducive and accomplished team of experienced and qualified professionals have come together to form our production team. They have thorough knowledge about the steps involved in the manufacturing and processing of solar products. It facilitates the swift functioning of our production activities. On time delivery commitments are supported by our wide delivery network. All the departments work as an integrated unit by forming close coordination with each other.

Why Us?

we have emerged as a front running manufacturer, supplier and exporter for solar products. Passing through our indigenous and stiff quality verification system, we quality certify our complete range of products.

  • Quality products
  • Authentic and reasonable pricing
  • On time delivery commitments
  • Integral and transparent business policies


Scarnot is a testimony that India poised to become a frist class Solar Hub in technology,Production process and Consistence excellence.


Scarnot is dedicated to sharing its business with employees and sharing success with partners. We encourage both our employees and partners to enrich social and economic welfare by contributing to the development of more affordable clean energy.

Be Profitable in A Sustainable Way

We lead our business to success and bring returns to shareholders through diligently pursuing the company vision, maintaining a win/win relationship with business partners, and maximizing value to customers.

Share Success with Employees

We firmly believe that our success as an enterprise closely depends on the talent, skills, and expertise of our people and the ability to function as a tightly integrated team. We respect people's work, we protect our employee's benefits, we encourage employees to be open to challenges and creation and to provide strong support to help them implement constructive ideas. From both a welfare and a career approach, Scarnot Solar shares business growth and success with its global community teams.